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How to Control Biting

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Current Course: What’s Your Toddler Thinking?

The toddler mind: a strange and mysterious place where meltdowns over the wrong color cup make perfect sense and waking up at the crack of dawn sounds like great fun. Parenting toddlers is a daily challenge, as they develop their own independence and language skills, but still need so much assistance and guidance from you. Understanding their needs and development can help you to decipher their thoughts, when you wonder What’s Your Toddler Thinking?

Table of Contents

  • How to Control Biting
  • What is Normal Toddler Behavior?
  • Toddler Daily Journal
  • When and How to Discipline Your Child Regarding Right and Wrong
  • How To Say No To Your Toddler
  • How To Eat At a Restaurant With Kids
  • Bumps and Bruises

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  1. christina says:

    The toddler stages was my favorite so far.

  2. Merissa says:

    I think she’s thinking what can I get away with next. We tell her no, and she stops and does something else, but tries to come back 5 minutes later and tries to do the same thing.

  3. Hillary says:

    My daughter is going through her terrible twos amplified by the addition of a new little brother. She hides her jealousy by saying that she doesn’t want you she just want brother but really she wants you. Its funny. M0st of the time she isn’t to bad but when she does get upset it is like end-of-the-wold-open-the-flood-gates crazy. lol

  4. Alma says:

    My son is too atached to me is that normal? Je
    He is 1

  5. patricia says:

    My 2 daughters are drama queens

  6. Lorna says:

    two girls and a boy my bad i got interrupted and didnt proof read

  7. Lorna says:

    So I am a mother of three, two boys and a girl…. All i can say is the boys are easy and the girls are drama queens

  8. Crystall says:

    i am having trouble too, Like, could you help me? i really like this stuff. But i cant figure out how to take the course..

  9. Crystall says:

    My daughter is going through the terrible twos or at least what it seems like to me..and she is not even two! She gets into everything. This information is very useful.

  10. mamalue says:

    Good information to learn

  11. Chris says:

    I love this age!

  12. I am looking foward to this stage!

  13. Jewellz says:

    That helped, thanks!

  14. Jewellz says:

    I am having the same issue.

  15. Jewellz says:

    I wonder what she would say…doctors say that the word dada or similar words are easier for them to say, but it is the most precious thing in the world to hear.

  16. Jewellz says:

    Ryder tries to eat everything that is not edible….and he says dada… sucks cause I wanted his first word to be mama. I try to give him kisses and my hubby has taught him to push me away with his hands and wipe his face lol.

  17. Jewellz says:


  18. Jewellz says:

    My Monkey Ryder is so rumbustious! So I thought that the baby stage would last longer than it has… went from fun and exciting to scary! So he started to crawl, then went to a running crawl, now he stands and holds on to things pulls himself up onto stuff and opens all the drawers and pulls out the clothes. He tries to crawl and lift himself up into his walker. He already has his two front teeth on top and on bottom, it is just so surprising how fast this is all going.

  19. i cant wait till my baby boy talks all he does is eats his fingers

  20. jody says:

    me too, and they are just explaining it over and over the same way. obviously that explanition didn’t work the 1st time.

  21. jody says:

    I clicked on the books, then clicked on "what’s your toddler thinking" but the course doesn’t come up?? Is this not working or am i doing something wrong??

  22. so excited to hear her talk


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