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Are you trying to get pregnant or planning on it in the near future? If so, you can greatly improve the likelihood of getting pregnant by determining when you will ovulate next. Ovulation is the release of a female's ripe egg from her ovary. When this occurs, you are the most fertile.

Use our Ovulation Calculator to estimate your next ovulation date; simply enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle. Because our tool provides you with only an estimate, consider yourself the most fertile during the period of 3 days before and 3 days after the estimated ovulation date. Best of luck!!

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  1. Profile photo of Ke Ke says:

    Hi im trying to pregnant my period came of December 15th finished on December 19th. What’s the best time for conception to take place?? Please help

  2. Hi I am trying to get pregnant my period finished on the 13th of December and what is the best time for conception to take place.

  3. Profile photo of Adriana Adriana says:

    I had sex with 2 different people and I ovulated on Nov 1st and had sex on the 27th and the 30th-31st and i am now 8wks pregnant when did I most likely get pregnant on the 27th or 30th?

    • Profile photo of Jasmin Jasmin says:

      The day really cilmax is when you got pregnant

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Adriana – Did you use protection with either, increasing your chances of one being the father? It really could be either, as sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for up to five days. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. Please be sure to discuss this situation with your doctor and they can best advise. Best wishes!

  4. Profile photo of lala lala says:

    Hello All.. I am new here. We are ttc. We are now using pre seed and I am taking folic acid women one a day and flinstones gummys. this was our first month with all this so we are hoping we get a big fat positive. Any advice you may have will be helpful. last period was Nov 7th 2017 been actively baby dancing daily with pre seed.according to my tracker app I ovulated the 19 thru the 24th so now we are waiting still using pre seed and supplements tho.Baby Dust to all

  5. Profile photo of A A says:

    Hello! My period’s first day was November 1st. I had sex on November 11th, but then my period came again on November 20th- the day the embryo should have been planted. What does this mean?

  6. Profile photo of Buffy Buffy says:

    I had sex on oct 25 it said I be fertile on the 25 thru the 30 I started my period or bleed for two day can I be pregnant I had my period on oct 16

  7. Profile photo of Lalya Lalya says:

    My estimated ovulation date was 21October I had intercourse on 17 October what are my chances of being pregnant?? Please help..thanks !

  8. Profile photo of Lacy Lacy says:

    Last month in September 2017 my period started on the 28th and ended on the 30th, and I just did some math and I had sex and he came in me on the day a calculator said I ovulated which was October 16th, 2017 …..is this bad

  9. Profile photo of Lacy Lacy says:

    Last month in September 2017 my period started on the 28th and ended on the 30th, and I just did some math and I had sex and he came in me on the day a calculator said I ovulated…..is this bad

  10. Profile photo of finda finda says:

    I saw my period on the 29/9/2017 last day was 4/10/2017 when is my ovulate day or unsafe sex days.

  11. I had my periods on 11th Oct 2017 which ended on 14th.. when will my ovulation date be.. i have irregular cycles.. sometimes 35 or 39 or 31 or 29 or 41 and i even got two times period in June month.. please help

  12. Profile photo of Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I had my period September 14th it ended on September 19th when will my ovulation date be?

  13. Profile photo of Jimmy Jimmy says:

    I had my menstration on the 1st to 4th September, 2017, when will my ovulation date be?

  14. Profile photo of Jhumur Bose Jhumur Bose says:

    Hi I am trying to concieve, what is the best time days to have intercourse

  15. Profile photo of Kayon Kayon says:

    I am trying to get pregnant my period began on the 4th of August and will end about the 10th of August. When will i start to ovulate?

  16. Profile photo of Aloysia Aloysia says:

    Pls my last period was 07 29 2017 when will be my ovulation period

  17. Profile photo of LaShawn LaShawn says:

    Hi, I’m trying to conceive, but my cycle is confusing me! I had my period began on July 8th and ended on July 13th. According to my tracking my period was supposed to be back Aug. 4th, but instead came on July 31!! When are my conception dates?! Can you please help me solve this confusion?!!

  18. Profile photo of Florence Florence says:

    I had my menstruation period on 17 July 2017 till 21st July so when will be my best date to get conceive ? please help me out .

  19. Profile photo of Florence Florence says:

    Hi it’s me suzen I had my lmp on 17 July 2017 when will be my best date to get conceive

  20. Profile photo of Uda Uda says:

    Hello good morning… I’m trying to concieve. My last date of my menstruation is may 2,2017. But when i used pregnancy kit today june 19,2017 the result is negative. How many weeks that will know that i am pregnant?

  21. Profile photo of stacey stacey says:

    My the first day of my last period was may 9th and i ended on the may16th making my ovulation date may 23rd i am now 8 days late on my period im scared to test and get a negative as my SO and i have been trying to conveive

  22. Profile photo of Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I got my period on may 18 when is my ovulation date I’m trying to convince

  23. Profile photo of Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I saw my last period on may 24th,the ovulation estimated date is 47.I need to know the day of my next ovulation because I would like to conceive a baby boy

  24. Profile photo of Chelsy Chelsy says:

    Hi I’m chelsy we r in planning to have a baby. Could you plz tell me my ovalution date this month may 22 2017 I got period. Plz help me in giving suggestion.

  25. Profile photo of Priyashree Priyashree says:

    This is Priya. My LMP was 20-04-2017 and this month period date is 24-05-2017. Could you tell me my ovulation range for better chance of getting pregnant?



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