Baby Gender



About the Chinese Gender Prediction Method

The Chinese Gender Prediction Method makes use of the lunar calendar. By considering the month of conception and the age of the mother at conception, a formula is used to determine whether the baby is likely to be a boy or a girl. Stories date use of this method back over 700 years, and claim a reputation for amazing accuracy - up to 90%. While we can't guarantee the prediction will be correct, there is at least a 50/50 chance it's right. (And it's fun!)


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  1. Profile photo of Miranda Miranda says:

    Can’t wait to find out

  2. Profile photo of Alisha Alisha says:

    Either way in happy!

  3. Profile photo of Alexis Alexis says:

    Both say boy! Lets hope!

  4. Profile photo of Alisha Alisha says:

    Got girl for one boy for the next… I have three boys so I’m really banking on a girl.

  5. Profile photo of Alisha Alisha says:

    I can’t wait to
    Find out

  6. Profile photo of Latrice Latrice says:

    This says I’m having a girl the quiz said I was having a boy. I had the ultrasound done the tech says it’s a boy.

  7. Profile photo of Ssu Ssu says:

    Don’t know want to know eagerly

  8. Profile photo of Dory Dory says:

    Really don’t know

  9. Profile photo of MONICA MONICA says:

    My due date is March 7,2018 My birthday is April 8,1996. Says boy but they said im having a girl:/

  10. Profile photo of corrisa corrisa says:

    it says boy, we will see

  11. Profile photo of Sara Sara says:

    My result is a boy , I hope it’s true

  12. Profile photo of Natasha says:

    I hope this works

  13. Profile photo of Rubbs Rubbs says:

    I don’t know what my baby could be

  14. Profile photo of Amber Amber says:

    the resuit say it a girl i hope it is true

  15. Profile photo of Jessamine Jessamine says:

    The result here is a boy. But it’s wrong,,, it’s a girl…

  16. Profile photo of Chakar Chakar says:

    It says GIRL!!! I hope so I would really love another little princess my oldest was so cute and loved to be prissy then she turned 5 and idk what happened.